Choosing a Rehab For Addiction

It’s never easy when a family member abuses drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, it becomes even more difficult to deal with when they develop a dependence or addiction. When you’re a parent, and you see your child, no matter their age, struggle with the disease of addiction, you want to help them. Without question, every parent of a daughter wants to find the best rehab for her.

Therefore, if your daughter is struggling with a drug or alcohol dependence, turning to Santé Center For Healing enter may be the best move. You’ve tried to help her, but there’s only so much you can do. In the end, you know that she needs professional care and expert therapies to help her recover. Moreover, the best rehab will use a combination of programs, each with extensive therapies customized to the individual’s unique needs.

The Best Rehab Combines Personal Experience with Evidence-Based Treatment

Big-city rehab centers make it difficult to get away from triggers and stressors. Instead, the best rehab for your daughter might just be a small-town venue with therapists who genuinely care about her process of healing.

Because these locales are smaller, they can devote more time to each client. As a result, your daughter receives the attention she needs to heal. Part of the experience is evidence-based therapies that get to the reasons for her addiction. Examples include:

  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment ensure she gets the mental health care she needs in addition to rehab. It’s essential that any mental health issues be addressed at the same time as the addiction. Clearly, you don’t want to compromise your daughter’s recovery.
  • Trauma treatment explores unresolved events from her past that influence her reactions to current situations. You may or may not be aware of these traumas. At any rate, they must not go unresolved.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy opens the door to the analysis of self-destructive patterns in her thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy focuses on handling trigger situations through emotional regulation.
  • 12 Step program principles incorporate relapse prevention techniques that help her remain sober after she ends her rehab.

True Recovery Requires an Integrated Approach

Did you know that your daughter’s addiction is not just a chemical problem? Because it’s a chronic condition of the brain, it affects her emotional well-being as well. Since the disease also has physical symptoms, treatment must also incorporate a wellness component. By taking a multi-pronged approach to healing, her recovery takes hold across multiple planes.

At Santé Center for Healing, we offer treatment programs allowing individuals to progress through recovery at their own pace. This patient approach enables individuals to build confidence and develop the skills necessary to make their recovery lasting. For example, we offer:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Residential or inpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient treatment

Each of these programs incorporates our various therapeutic services, giving individuals a complete set of tools and techniques to overcome addiction. Therapists will include nutritional counseling that helps your daughter regain her physical strength.

Lifestyle training makes it possible to relearn how to interact with peers or have fun without using. For many, this is an essential step to practice now. Frequently, it’s been a long time since they were able to interact socially without chemicals influencing them. Intensive trauma therapy can get to the bottom of many addiction issues.

Combining Motivation with an Emphasis on the “Why” of Substance Abuse

The best rehab facility will motivate your daughter to keep working throughout her recovery process. Psychotherapywhether it’s in a group setting or one-on-one sessionsisn’t easy. Staying motivated to keep going along with the program requires frequent positive reinforcement. Therefore, therapists who understand this dilemma are careful to design a program to engage clients and motivate them as well.

If you’re still considering the glossy Dallas rehab center brochures, ask yourself if therapists at those places will truly dig in and work with your child to ensure success. Do they offer a luxury setting with manicured grounds and spa treatments but little else on professional assessment treatment? Don’t be lured by spa settings when it’s therapies you need to focus on. After all, you can always take her on a spa retreat to celebrate her graduation from a focused treatment program.

To find out about Santé Center for Healing, call 866.238.3154 today to get your daughter started on her way to a new life, addiction-free.